DreamlockMR operates carefully curated proprietary online panels. We specialize in delivering unsurpassed global respondents for B2B decision...

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Our experienced project managers work with your team to encourage collaboration, manage stakeholder relationships, and help implement a customized process to...

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We use the latest techniques and industry-recognized survey programs which offer in-field monitoring, survey management, and advanced...

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Quick set-up; ASAP launch. Get completes in a few minutes after launching the study.

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Who We Are?

DreamlockMR LLP. was sent off by a group of experienced, creative statistical surveying experts and most noteworthy Web designers. We give unrivaled admittance to worldwide B2B, Healthcare, and Consumer overview respondents furthermore unparalleled client care - across an assorted scope of clients and ventures. We trust in upsetting business as usual, beginning with effectively paying attention to our clients and adopting a consultative strategy to project the board. We comprehend our client's both express and implied review prerequisites and convey against every one of their assumptions. We convey as guaranteed and we won't ever take on projects that we can't perform better compared to our industry rivals. DreamlockMR's staff are specialists at discussion, study configuration, overview programing and information translation. We successfully speak with our clients in their favored configuration and on their favored terms. Also, DreamlockMR utilizes cutting edge advances and industry best practices to convey the greatest first party information. At DreamlockMR, we're energetic and focused on leftover imaginative, troublesome, and adaptable. We will keep on endeavoring to be the first and clear decision when clients are thinking about a worldwide exploration accomplice. The DreamlockMR initiative group brings more than 20 years of joined statistical surveying experience to the table and the organization is staffed by profoundly qualified MR experts and Development callings with a careful comprehension of the web-based Panel/Sample space. We keep a tomfoolery, steady and cooperative workplace. DreamlockMR's originators imagined a Market Research organization that follows through on a few basic administration regions that are generally missing in the present statistical surveying industry. We plan to further develop the review research insight - each undertaking in turn.


DreamlockMR works cautiously organized restrictive web-based boards. We represent considerable authority in conveying superb worldwide respondents for B2B choice producers, Healthcare experts and Consumers. Exactness, trust, and quality assume a critical part in choosing the right web-based information assortment organization - furthermore that is the reason DreamlockMR has turned into a confided in accomplice on the lookout research industry


We utilize the most recent strategies and industry-perceived overview programs which offer in-field checking, overview the board, and progressed examination. By using computerization, dashboards, ongoing detailing, and portable improvement, our accomplished group of Survey Programmers and Project Managers furnish you with a creative way to deal with research execution.


Our accomplished venture chiefs work with your group to energize joint effort, oversee partner connections, and help execute a redone interaction to assist you with meeting your examination targets. With our project the executives administrations, you'll save time, cash and find the harmony of mind that your venture is being dealt with the most elevated level of care.


Real, Valid & Responsive Respondents. We ensure only right people are recruited in our panel.


We ensure high quality data and responses to our clients. We have various quality checks and survey and recruitment level


We are experts in sampling and we make sure you get the right sample blend in your project. We ensure, we target the right audiences to get the most accurate response.


We employ the latest technology with user friendly tools which provides maximum automation. Our tools help us in fetching the right audience from our panel database in no time.

DreamlockMRIs The Most Trustworthy Panel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Through data processing, companies can gain valuable insights, make informed business decisions and secure a competitive edge by narrowing down data to obtain the most accurate, dependable information. When you know the importance of data processing in quantitative research and can successfully implement these methods, you can develop better outcomes for your business.
When conducting market research, you need to know the most effective ways to gather information about your customer base. Surveys are a great place to start, but you also need to structure these surveys through your questions. There are two main types of questions — open-ended and closed-ended. The kind of question you ask affects the data you’ll get, so it’s essential to understand how and when to use each type.
It’s fair to say that the goal of creating a survey is to have respondents successfully complete it – and to get a survey complete, respondents must be able (and willing) to answer your questions. Survey sample buyers have much more control over survey success than they realize. In fact, poor survey design is the most likely culprit attributed to high survey drop rates. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Poor respondent experience is a big deal, and it can be detrimental to your research in a number of ways. In this post, we will explore specific survey elements that lead to high drop rates and how you can improve survey design to reduce drops. If your survey has a high drop rate (above 20%), this guide can help to identify what may be causing respondents to drop out of your survey.
Concept testing is the process of finding out how customers feel about your product idea before you launch it. You can use concept testing to evaluate customers’ responses to product features, price points, advertisements and other aspects of the product you’re planning to release. Concept testing helps you create a user experience (UX) design that translates to market success.